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Apple TV “Take 2” Software Update Available

Apple has today quietly released the much anticipated update to Apple TV. The software update introduces a brand new on-screen interface and gives the user the ability to rent movies from the iTunes Store.

The update is available free for existing Apple TV owners by selecting the “Update Software” option under the “Settings” menu. The update takes around 10 minutes to download and another 10 minutes to install.

DVD quality movie rentals are available for $2.99 for library titles and $3.99 for new releases, high-definition versions come in at just $1 more for both library and new releases.

Movies can be kept for 30 days, but expire within 24 hours of playback beginning.

A guided tour of the new Apple TV is available on the Apple website.

Macworld 2008 Videos

Some of you may recall that World of Apple joined forces with The to help provide live coverage of this years Macworld Keynote. Our collaboration worked perfectly, but the effort doesn’t stop there. The guys at The iLife have uploaded two videos for the enjoyment of all our readers.

The first video entitled “Boom” is a quick run down of the trip to San Francisco, the keynote line and the keynote itself.

The second video called “Expo” highlights the Macworld show floor, including some brief interviews with some of the exhibitors.

Gallery: Moscone West Macworld Expo Floor

As promised, as a followup to our whirlwind tour of the South hall, here is a tour of the West Hall.

The West hall consists mainly of the smaller booths but does offer up a great collection of gaming booths and a fantastic area for Mac and iPhone developers.

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Macworld 2008 Best of Show Awards

Every year at Macworld Expo the Editor’s of Macworld magazine present awards to a selection of products on show at Macworld.

Macworld magazine editors Jason Snell and Jim Dalrymple present Best of Show 2008Macworld magazine editors Jason Snell and Jim Dalrymple present Best of Show 2008

This year the show created mixed reactions with some being disappointed with the lack of beta and non-shipping products.

At this years Macworld Best of Show awards 11 products won, and here they are:

  • Photoshop Elements 6
  • Vector Designer
  • Parallels Server
  • An NEC 30-inch MultiSync LCD
  • The MacBook Air
  • Eye-Fi wireless SD card
  • Guitar Hero III for Mac
  • Dictate from MacSpeech
  • Flow from GridIron
  • BusySync
  • OmniFocus

Congratulations to all the winners from World of Apple.

Gallery: Moscone South Expo Floor

This years Macworld Expo in San Francisco is split into two separated halls, the Moscone South and Moscone West. Both halls are packed with over 400 companies between them making this the biggest Macworld in many years.

This gallery of over 100 photos is a tour of the South hall, West hall tour coming tomorrow.

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MacBook Air Speedlinking

Steve Jobs Talks to CNBC

After yesterdays Keynote presentation Steve Jobs joined CNBC for a short interview, of course Jobs talked about the MacBook Air but also the relationship between Intel and Apple.

Possibly the most interesting point to come out of the interview was the fact that Apple is not in a contentious relationship with China Mobile.

Walt Mossberg’s Impressions of MacBook Air [Video]


Jobs on MacBook Air, Bill Gates, Android and Kindle

In an interview with The New York Times Steve Jobs expressed his opinions on Android, Bill Gates and the Amazon Kindle but also spoke about Apple’s latest innovation the MacBook Air.

Jobs sat down with David Pogue and John Markoff for half-an-hour, when speaking of the MacBook Air Jobs said;

“I’m going to be the first one in line to buy one of these,”…”I’ve been lusting after this.”

According to the Apple CEO, designers went through around 100 design prototypes to find the right “form.”

He and Jonathan Ive were worried that they’d be unable to “fit the computer into the package that they came up with.”

When talking of Amazon’s Kindle Steve Jobs simpl stated that it was floored due to the fact that people simply don’t read anymore.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore,” he said. “Forty percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.”

On Google Android Jobs stated;

“Having created a phone its a lot harder than it looks,” he said. “We’ll see how good their software is and we’ll see how consumers like it and how quickly it is adopted.”

Finally when talking of Bill Gates and his imminent retirement from Microsoft this Summer Jobs said;

“Bill’s retiring from Microsoft is a big deal.” “It’s a significant event, and I think he should be honored for the contributions he’s made.”

Gallery: Apple’s Booth at Macworld 2008

Here are a selection of photos of Apple’s Booth at this years Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Apple has a very large table featuring around 40 MacBook Air’s, there are also three tables of iPod touch’s and iPhones as well as desks with Apple TV units on and some Mac Pro’s.

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