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Why Sync?

iCloud music on iPhone, iPad and Mac

iCloud music on iPhone, iPad and Mac

This week the subject of Apple’s cluttered and bloated iTunes app has been on the agenda. Jason Snell over at Macworld originally argued that if Apple is going to embrace the cloud, like it appears to be doing, then iTunes should be simpler. Snell suggests breaking iTunes down into separate apps, “one devoted to device syncing, one devoted to media playback. (And perhaps the iTunes Store could be broken out separately too?)”

Then Federico Viticci at MacStories chimed in with a slightly different take but along the same lines. Viticci’s take moves along a different tangent and one that has been playing on my mind for a few weeks now. The basic premise of Viticci’s argument is why does iTunes need to the hub of all our media and device syncing? Put simpler, why are we still using iTunes?


Where Is iTunes Streaming?

iTunes Store

iTunes Store

Those that recall the rumours leading up to this years Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco will know that many of them made mention of Apple making deals with music labels for a streaming music service.

Following Apple’s announcement of iCloud and the associated iTunes in the cloud features there was an absence of any form of streaming. In the aftermath the many talks outlined between Apple and music labels were concluded to have been about iTunes Match and the adjustment to the number of machines capable of playing purchased music, but now it seems streaming could still be in the pipeline.

During yesterday’s earnings call Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer revealed that the next financial quarter will offer “neat stuff” with regards to content on the iTunes Store.

Full quote including original question that instigated the answer from Seeking Alpha:

Brian Marshall – Gleacher & Company, Inc.

And then perhaps a quick follow-up. With respect to content accumulation in regards to video, can you talk a little bit why we don’t have more movie titles on iTunes at this point, and if we are going to be rectifying that in the future?

Peter Oppenheimer

Sure. Brian, it’s Peter. We have a very, very broad library of movies and TV shows particularly here in the United States. We are adding more content internationally each quarter and look for some more content later this quarter across the various stores. We have some neat stuff coming.

Whilst speculation on comments made by executives during financial earnings calls is frowned upon by this publication it is important to point out the notability of the comments made by Oppenheimer.

Ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2011 announcements the resounding consensus about the arrival of a streaming iTunes service surprised many when the service was absent. This has led some to speculate that the streaming service will come at a later date, presumably wheen Apple finally launches iCloud and iTunes in the cloud during the annual Fall music event.