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Cook’s Apple Continues to Calculate

Tim Cook speaks about the iPhone 4S at Apple headquarters on October 4, 2011

Tim Cook speaks about the iPhone 4S at Apple headquarters on October 4, 2011 | Photo: REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Apple on Friday once again strayed into new territory. Since taking the helm as CEO of Apple there have been changes, Tim Cook is putting his mark on the company and leading the way he feels he should. Last week was no different as we saw the first real admission from Apple that its iOS 6 bundled Maps have failed to live up to the expectations consumers expect from Apple products.

The furore has been deafening over the quality of Apple’s maps, excuses have been made for both sides of the argument and pundits from every corner have jumped on board to kick Apple while they’re down. The pressure clearly became too much and Apple has relented, posting an open letter to the homepage with an apology from Cook.


iOS 6 Available to Download

Apple's Maps on iOS 6

Apple’s Maps on iOS 6 | Image courtesy of Apple

Apple has today made the next major update to iOS available to download. iOS 6 which is available for the iPhone 5, 4, 4S, 3GS, iPad 3, 2, and the iPod touch 4th and 5th generation comes just two days ahead of the official release of the iPhone 5. Apple has been testing iOS 6 with developers since after the WWDC 2012 keynote back in June.

iOS 6 is said to pack upwards of 200 hundred new features but as ever Apple has some headline features that make iOS 6 a real update for iPhone and iPad users. iOS 6 shares the same design aesthetics as all previous iOS versions with only minor UI changes here and there. The lack of live updating information on the home screen of iOS is becoming a glaring omission as Android and Windows Phone operating systems continue to offer more and more information at a glance.


The iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS in 2009 running iOS 4 | Image courtesy of Apple

Before and immediately after the release of iOS 6 it seemed like everybody was lamenting on the reasons as to why Apple had decided to continue supporting the iPhone 3GS with iOS 6. That is to say that Apple had made a conscious decision to support a device that does not have a retina display and was released in June 2009 a full three years before iOS 6 arrived on the scene.


Apple Announces iPhone 5, Available Sept 21

iPhone 5 with new EarPods

iPhone 5 with new EarPods | Image courtesy of Apple

Apple today announced an unsurprising update to the iPhone. The iPhone 5 as Apple is calling it includes very few surprises following a remarkably detailed series of leaks several months ahead of today’s announcement.

Unlike the iPhone 4S before it the iPhone has had a makeover. The new anodised aluminium body is 18 percent thinner than the 4S and 20 percent lighter. The new carefully manufactured enclosure also returns the prize of the thinnest smartphone in the world back to Apple with the new iPhone 5 measuring just 7.6mm.


Ahead of Apple’s iPhone Event

Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco adorned ahead of Apple's September 12 Event

Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco adorned ahead of Apple’s September 12 Event | Image from Ekkapong T

Today is the day, the venue is set, the press are descending on San Francisco, and the rumour mill is firing on all cylinders but something isn’t right. There’s a sense of disappointment, confusion, despair in the Apple community—in fact even outside of it. The subject is, “if this is the next iPhone, then what’s so special?”

It is this subject that I’ve been throwing around in my head for some weeks now. The rumours are about as set in stone as they can get although they remain rumours; we know what the—potentially named—iPhone 5 will look like, what features it has, what accessories it comes with and possibly whether iPods will be refreshed alongside it (I suspect quietly).


The Next iPhone

iPhone Lineup including Sixth-generation

iPhone lineup including mockup of sixth-generation

It gets to to a certain point in the Apple calendar when the questions, speculation and excitement over a new iPhone tends to become deafening. If you hadn’t noticed we’re firmly in that part of the year but for all the right reasons. It’s less that two weeks until Apple CEO Tim Cook will take to the stage on September 12 and present to the world the new iPhone.


Expectations at WWDC 2012

Moscone West in San Francisco adorned for WWDC 2012

Moscone West in San Francisco adorned for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is approaching quickly and unlike last year it looks like Apple might put on more than a software only show. Equally exciting for 2012 is that in the six months that have passed Apple has released and updated relatively few products. Particularly notable for the six months that have made up 2012 so far is that not a single model of Mac has been refreshed. We know that Apple has a particular dislike for releasing new hardware in August and after late October which leaves only a few months for a whole bunch of products to be crammed into.

Macs which have so far been completely void of any changes and many of which haven’t been touched for almost 12 months or more will likely be changed ahead of the “back to school” period which usually runs during June and July. Such a release timeframe could coincide nicely with the release of OS X Mountain Lion pinned by Apple for “late summer”.

It is possible to say with confidence that neither the iPhone nor the iPad will see any sort of hardware change announced during the WWDC keynote on Monday. Both of Apple’s leading products are firmly set in predictable cycles—iPad in March and iPhone in October for those slow off the mark.

The problem with such a high number of potential announcements is that it becomes difficult to make accurate predictions for WWDC which has in recent history focused more on developers than consumers, certainly since the iPhone moved to a Fall refresh in 2010.

But as Apple has indicated in its WWDC 2012 material the upcoming week is the one “we’ve all been waiting for”. So let’s take a look at the likely candidates for next weeks keynote.