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Ahead of Apple’s iPad Event

iPad Air 2 with Touch ID | Image from video of dummy model

iPad Air 2 with Touch ID | Image from video of dummy model

Unlike Apple’s September it sure feels like the October 16 event that Apple has planned has snuck up on us all. This has nothing to do with the fact that Tuesday this week has sailed past and the event is in fact being held on a Thursday, a very rare occasion indeed (Wednesday’s are common for iPad events, Monday the default for WWDC but Thursday I’ve never known). In fact it’s fair to say that neither the rumour mill or the general public is hyped up about tomorrow’s Apple event, so will they in fact sneak in any big surprises?

Information so far would suggest not. Apple has however used the phrase “It’s been way too long” on the invites it sent out to the media, so this does pique interest a little. Here’s what we know so far.

Invite send to media from Apple featuring original Macintosh rainbow logo colours

Invite send to media from Apple featuring original Macintosh rainbow logo colours


Think 2021

Apple Watch

Apple Watch announced on September 9, 2014. Showing all three editions: Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition

It was a day steeped in history, on the very stage where Steve Jobs originally announced the Macintosh in 1984, and the iMac in 1998, Tim Cook mentioned Steve on stage for the first time since his death two years ago. There were also glimpses and references to an Apple of the past; an image of the original mouse, a picture of the first iPhone, and of course a performance from U2.

Of that history, 2007 springs to mind. When doing the rumour roundups ahead of Tuesday’s event I was struck by the similarities—and those feelings weren’t wrong. With the Apple Watch it’s clear that as with the iPhone and iPad, Apple had no interest in having the surprise, the wonder and awe spoiled by the unsightly reveal of an FCC filing or worse the discovery of a button out of the China supply chain. So here we have an announcement some 4-5 months ahead of the actual release of the Apple Watch, with all the same kind of worries and mysteries that surrounded the iPhone launch in 2007.


Watch Out!

Tim Cook shows his Nike Fuelband at D11

Apple CEO, Tim Cook shows his Nike Fuelband at D11

As the age old saying goes, there is no smoke without fire—and my eyes sting because it’s really, really smoky round these parts. The last couple of months have reminded me of the lead up to January 2007, and maybe even more early 2010. The Apple rumour game, and arguably the world of technology were very different back then though.


iPhone 6 – A Complete-Ish Guide

iPhone 6 Compared to Existing iOS Devices

iPhone 6 Compared to Existing iOS Devices

September has arrived and in the world of Apple that can only mean one thing, the new iPhone is due to turn up. Not to mention a plethora of other devices and software updates; as we lead up to the holiday season September is undoubtedly Apple’s action packed month. This is by no means a detailed run down of iPhone 6 rumours, but it is aimed at giving a picture of what to expect.

Rumours about the iPhone 6 have swirled since the before the current iPhone hit the market but in recent months, as ever, rumours have reached fever pitch. And as with previous years Apple appears to have been unable to keep a lid on the vast supply chain that manufactures the devices with every single component being leaked in some form and more rarely some have managed to piece together a device and get it working.

Apple has confirmed that it will hold a media event on September 9, a date that falls in line with previous announcements. However, the venue is considerably larger than other used and Apple appears to be planning a particularly special show. Many are expecting the company to announce another wearable device at the same event, for now we’ll stay focused on the iPhone.


What to Expect at WWDC 2014 – In Conversation

Moscone West in San Francisco ready for WWDC 2014

Moscone West in San Francisco ready for WWDC 2014 | Flickr

Things may have been quiet around these parts (the pressures of life) but two things seemingly never change. The first is that I never stop loving the Apple rumour game (and the associated news cycle), and the second is that those that know me, both online and off, never lose the impression of me as the person to go to to find out the latest Apple gossip. It’s a bit like your friends discovering that you’re “that guy” that knows how to fix their Windows PC and never being able to step foot in a house without being pounced upon with a problem—yesterday I visited a friends new house, within 15 seconds of arriving I was staring at the admin panel of their internet router.


The Future: Apple in China

Apple Store Pudong (China)

Apple Store Pudong (China) | Image courtesy of Apple

The quiet season is behind us, it was the most prolonged period of quiet from Apple in terms of product releases that I’ve ever known. There’s nothing nefarious to read into; Apple is a company that absolutely loves patterns and consistency and there is no better way to stay consistent than to release products in the same week year after year.

So here we are, the week of Apple’s first announcement event of the season is upon us. I would usually be sat here writing a rumour roundup or something similar. Maybe I’d be having fun shooting down stupid rumours—that’s always a laugh if not sometimes very infuriating.

But life is different for me and spare time is a luxury. Don’t get me wrong I’m still closely watching every rumour, dissecting and calculating the possibilities and the accuracy of individuals. But the rumour game has changed and it’s honestly no where near as bad as it once was. (9to5 Mac and Mac Rumors both have decent roundups.)

Which means I’m going to look at something completely different.


Apple Releases iPad Mini, Updates iPad

iPad mini

iPad mini | Image courtesy of Apple

Apple today announced both the new iPad mini and a brand new updated version of the larger 9.7-inch iPad. Ahead of the announcement of the new iPads Apple took the opportunity to discuss iPad sales and related content. During the keynote CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple has recently sold its 100 millionth iPad and growth of iPad sales continue to outgrow that of the PC market 15% to 2%.

Apple also announced a new version iBooks with continuous scrolling, iCloud syncing and sharing options via Facebook and Twitter. Apple also released an update to iBooks Author to continue in the proliferation of Textbooks in the education market.


Apple Updates iMac, Mac Mini Goes Retina on 13-Inch Pro

13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display | Image courtesy of Apple

During today’s event Apple released a slew of Mac updates including updating the Mac mini, completely refreshing the iMac and releasing a brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Apple’s Phil Schiller kicked off with the brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display which joins the 15-inch as the top end of Apple’s notebook range. The 13-inch model packs over 4 million pixels into the 2560 x 1600 pixel display. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display features 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 processors with the option to choose faster 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 processors, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 8GB of RAM, and up to 768GB SSD. Two Thunderbolt and two USB 3.0 ports allow users to connect to multiple displays and high-performance devices, and a HDMI port.

Moving on from the Mac mini Schiller moved on the iMac which has received a complete refresh including an all new super-thin enclosure. Apple has also decided to remove the optical drive on the iMac. Measuring just 5mm at the edge the iMac is 80% thinner than the previous generation and is still a powerhouse.


A Preview of Apple’s iPad Mini Event

Apple's October 23rd Event Invite

Apple’s October 23rd event invite sent out to select members of the media

Today is the day that Apple will show off its latest offering, with expectations resting on a smaller, thinner and lighter iPad. Invites went out last week to select members of the media inviting them to the California Theatre in San Jose for a special event, Apple teased members of the media and onlookers with the simple phrase “We’ve got a little more to show you”.

Whilst I’m not a fan of overanalysing Apple’s invites it’s a safe assumption based on the strength of rumours and past knowledge of Apple’s subtle hints on invites that little is referring to the smaller 7.85-inch display iPad—expected to be dubbed “iPad mini”.

However the smaller iPad might not be only smaller product Apple has up its sleeve today, many are also expecting a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display to join its larger sibling that was released in June this year.


Apple Announces iPhone 5, Available Sept 21

iPhone 5 with new EarPods

iPhone 5 with new EarPods | Image courtesy of Apple

Apple today announced an unsurprising update to the iPhone. The iPhone 5 as Apple is calling it includes very few surprises following a remarkably detailed series of leaks several months ahead of today’s announcement.

Unlike the iPhone 4S before it the iPhone has had a makeover. The new anodised aluminium body is 18 percent thinner than the 4S and 20 percent lighter. The new carefully manufactured enclosure also returns the prize of the thinnest smartphone in the world back to Apple with the new iPhone 5 measuring just 7.6mm.