In a weeks time Apple will reveal the results of its second fiscal quarter of 2012. As ever all eyes will be on the world’s largest company who last quarter reported over a handful of record breaking figures including record breaking quarterly revenue of $46.3 billion.

Let’s just spend some time recapping Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2012 which is historically always Apple’s largest quarter due to holiday sales, in this particular instance the quarter was made even more impressive due to pent up demand for the new iPhone which was released during the quarter with those figures coming in at just over 37 million units.

The iPad was of course the gift to have for Christmas and despite common knowledge that a new model would only be a few months away sales came in at a healthy 15.4 million, representing year-over-year growth of a whopping 111 percent. Macs also performed well during the quarter and for the first time Apple reported sales of over 5 million Macs with year-over-year growth of over 25 percent, put in perspective against a declining PC sales market then that is impressive.

Looking ahead to Apple’s fiscal second quarter which ended on March 31 it’s unlikely that we’ll see a record breaking quarter like the one past but it will be notable for a number of reasons.

Tim Cook has said multiple times already this year that China is a huge market with huge growth, other countries to watch are Brazil and India. Despite reporting sales of 37 million iPhones last quarter the iPhone 4S hadn’t yet made it into China which it eventually did right at the start of Q2 on January 13.

Quarterly iPhone unit sales with Q212 Estimate

Quarterly iPhone unit sales with Q212 Estimate

Estimates of iPhone sales during the quarter run between 26 and 44 million but the general consensus is around 35 million, mighty impressive considering the quarter doesn’t include pent-up demand or holiday sales. We can thank China for that.

The iPad is sure to impress this quarter as well. Announced on March 7 the new iPad was available in 10 countries on March 16 and when the quarter came to an end was available in 35 countries. During the opening weekend Apple reported sales (including pre-orders) of over three million. Sales of the third-generation iPad are expected to come in at around 12 million, which would represent impressive year-over-year growth of 160% and only a small drop from the preceding massive quarter.

If we predict that the Mac will continue to grow at roughly 25% per quarter then sales will dip below the 5 million mark and come in at a still healthy 4.7 million for the quarter. Between January and March Apple did not refresh any of their Macs and rumours of a refresh across the board have been persistent.

The headline figure of the results will of course be the quarterly revenue and whilst it’s highly unlikely that Apple will top its figure of $46.3 billion it might not be far off. For reference in Q211 the company reported quarterly revenue of $24.6 billion. Estimates are still coming in but the consensus is that Apple will announce quarterly revenue around $42 billion, which would mark only the second time that Apple has recorded quarterly revenue over $30 billion in company’s history.

Apple Quarterly Revenue Q212 Est.

Apple Quarterly Revenue Q212 Estimate

Apple’s Q212 results will be available at the closing bell on April 24 at 4.30 PM Eastern time, 1.30 PM Pacific or 9.30 PM in London. Apple will then host a conference call, which can listened to here, starting at 5 PM Eastern time, 2 PM Pacific or 10 PM in London.