Mac App Store on MacBook Air

Mac App Store running on MacBook Air

Today the Mac App Store celebrates its first year of existence and what a year it was. Despite being a fledging service trying to break the mould of a decades old model of distributing software the Mac App Store successfully made an impact and changed the way we buy software forever.

Originally announced towards the end of 2010 the Mac App Store finally arrived with the release of Mac OS X 10.6.6, whilst the MAS was a hugely touted feature of OS X Lion, Apple felt it important to give the Mac App Store a head start by releasing it ahead of Lion’s release. The early release tactic certainly worked, within 24 hours 1 million Apps had been downloaded and last month that figure topped 100 million.

Apple wasn’t shooting into the dark though, the model of an App Store was natural to anyone who had been using an iPhone after 2008 and that was simply an extension of the iTunes model of a few clicks and instantly you have what you wanted.

The Mac App Store has made a dent though, Apple put so much trust in the service that it delivered OS X Lion solely through the service and in June began distributing its own software through the MAS.

The success of the MAS has been infectious with Microsoft saying that it will ship Windows 8 later this year with Windows Store and is offering developers several incentives to get on board.

The Mac App Store sure has made an impressive landing, topping the 100 million downloads mark in under one year and effectively becoming Apple’s sole method of distributing software.

The Mac App Store does have its negatives though, many developers have complained that they can no longer offer trials or demo versions of software and that paid upgrades are difficult to implement. For Apps to appear on the Mac App Store they must also be approved by Apple which means they are subject to a number of restrictions making it impossible for some Apps to make it into the Mac App Store.

Many developers will be wishing that 2012 holds many new features for the Mac App Store.