Fifth Avenue Glass reduction

Apple informs passersby what changes are being made to Apple's iconic cube

Apple this coming weekend plans to open five retail stores across the world in the aim of reaching 30 new stores before September 30th, as outlined by Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer during the company’s last fiscal results conference call. Opening five retail stores in one weekend is not quite a record for Apple as on September 25th last year a total of seven retail stores opened on a single Saturday.

Locations opening this weekend include Australia, Canada and Italy and Apple’s first store location in Alaska. The stores are as follows, all opening this Saturday:

A following 24 more stores will open before Apple’s self-imposed September 20th deadline including stores in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hamburg, Glasgow, London, Little Rock (Arkansas), and Berkeley (North California).

Fifth Avenue Apple Store staircase shrouded in white

Fifth Avenue Apple Store staircase shrouded in white | Photo by: Dan Nguyen

Apple has also revealed what changes are being made to the company’s famous Fifth Avenue retail store in Manhattan. The store which began renovation work last month was under a veil of mystery as onlookers speculated why Apple was removing the iconic 32-foot glass cube. Now it has been shown that Apple plans to simplify the cube. Currently made up of 90 panes of glass the new cube being erected will be made up of just 15, each side of the cube being made up of 3 panes of glass, each 32 feet long and eight-feet wide – as detailed by ifoAppleStore.

[Update 1] Gothamist has published a mockup provided by Apple that shows how the simplified cube will look.