iPad product info in Apple Store

iPad product info in Apple Store | Image courtesy of MacTalk

Today Apple has been rolling out a number of important changes to its retail stores around the world. Earlier World of Apple reported how Apple has installed iPads next to every product in the store offering product details, price comparisons and the ability to call a staff member of assistance.

Now a forum post on MacTalk by user jack112006 details some of the changes and the importance of them.

The forum user notes that the iPads aren’t physically different from normal iPad 2’s but have their home button disabled and have two cables going into the acrylic block they sit on. The first cable is for security even though the iPad is glued strongly to the acrylic block, the second is a special very thin dock cable that charges the iPad.

The iPads also introduce a queuing system that instead of meaning customers wait around for a member of staff they can request one to come over, the iPad will even let the person know where in the queue they are.

Finally Apple’s retail stores have been rearranged with more of the store devoted to setup, it is unlikely though that these layout changes have been pushed across all stores.

Apple has given an information pack to store staffers to help them understand the changes, inside is an inspirational document uncovered by 9 to 5 Mac.

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