Evidence is beginning to mount in favour of rumours about this years iPhone 5 release taking place in September rather than the previous June release.

Reuters today is quoting three sources who reportedly have “direct knowledge of the company’s supply chain” who say that Apple’s fifth generation iPhone will go into production in July or August and won’t ship until September.

The report collaborates a growing number of sources who claim that Apple will no longer stick to its predictable June release of iPhone hardware and will instead do so in September, possibly alongside its annual iPod refresh.

Reuters also provides a few other titbits of information about the iPhone 5 saying that the design will remain largely the same as the iPhone 4 and will feature a faster processor, presumably the A5 used in the iPad 2.

As is common with supply chain rumours Reuters does not name its sources but helps to corroborate the rumour by naming several iPhone 5 suppliers including Largan Precision who will make the camera module, Wintek who will supply the touchscreen panel and Foxconn who will manufacture the case.