Apple’s $1 billion data centre in North Carolina is to begin operations “any day now” according to a report from Data Center Knowledge. The report stated that the data centre is “fully operation” and that Apple could be planning to double the current size of the data centre in a nearby facility.

A second report from All Things Digital who continued to look into reports of Apple building a centre 500,000 square foot facility has turned up some interesting discoveries. A whole set of photos was discovered on Flickr that show plans from a meeting between Apple and Catawba County in July 2009. The plans reveal that the data centre is referred to locally and by Apple as “Project Dolphin” and in particular plans for “phase 2” exist. Although it is unknown if this facility will be used by Apple.

Some other website about the data centres has been online for some time. The website refers to an initiative associated [PDF] with Apple and Google known as the “North Carolina Data Center Corridor”.

Plans for 'Phase 2' of Apple's North Carolina Data Centre

Plans for 'Phase 2' of Apple's North Carolina Data Centre | flickr