2010 iPod Family in Packaging

2010 iPod Family in Packaging

Today Apple announced a flurry of new and updated products, for details on each of Apple’s announcements see the relevant articles:

After the launch of multiple products there is always a discovery period of titbits of information about the products, here’s what’s of interest so far:

  • Apple has entered into a license agreement with golf equipment maker PING to use the name for its new music discovery social network iTunes Ping.
  • Apple’s iPod touch advert is now online, as well as the iPod nano one.
  • Apple’s iPod classic was ignored during today’s keynote but remains on sale, for now.
  • According to the Apple TV tech specs page it runs on Apple’s A4 processor. John Gruber speculates that the Apple TV does indeed run a version of iOS.
  • Due to the size of the camera the iPod touches still photo size is only 960×720.
  • iTunes remains Apple’s user interface playground and the window controls (close/minimise/mini player) are vertically orientated.
  • The iPod nano no longer has a camera and can no longer play video.
  • Apple has posted an iPod + iTunes timeline page on its website.
iPod nano

iPod nano (sixth generation)

During the keynote Apple’s Steve Jobs rattled off lots of facts and figures:

  • 11.7 billion songs downloaded from iTunes
  • 6.5 billion apps downloaded from the App Store, that’s 200 per second
  • 450 million TV shows downloaded from iTunes store
  • 100 million movies downloaded
  • 35 million books downloaded
  • 12 million songs available through iTunes store
  • 1.5 billion game and entertainment titles downloaded to iPod touch
  • 250,000 apps available from App Store, 25,000 for the iPad
  • Apple has sold 275 million iPods since October 2001
  • 120 million iOS devices sold so far, 230,000 new activations a day
  • iTunes has 160 million accounts with credit cards registered and 1-click
  • 23 countries for iTunes music downloads
  • Apple has exactly 300 retail stores in 10 countries, Covent Garden was the 300th
  • One million visitors enter the doors of an Apple store every day