During my research I found that there are a wide variety of Sudoku apps out there for the iPhone and I know that really you only need one Sudoku app as there isn’t enough variance in the puzzle itself to require multiple versions. For that reason I felt it would be helpful to write a review on a Sudoku app that would save people the time and effort of buying several different apps only to be disappointed.

I personally get quite addicted to puzzles in the newspaper such as the crossword and Sudoku, so this app is great for me when I have a spare five minutes handy. The application is hardly a blow to your finances and a lot of thought has gone into the design for what people really want out of a Sudoku app.

Sudoku Pro 2 gives you a variety of difficulty settings, which you have to unlock as you play. During gameplay there is a timer that counts down with a multiplying score system that also decreases with time. This scoring system gives you the enticement to complete the puzzle quickly and accurately. Mistakes are penalised by a three strikes policy, which starts to severely decrease the amount of points you can score. But don’t worry, hints are available for when you get really frustrated with a puzzle. OpenFeint access adds some competition to the game, where you can compete against your friends scores or even against the worldwide scoreboard. There are also many achievements to unlock, which could leave you playing Sudoku until your thumbs are sore if you want to complete them.

Sudoku Pro 2

Sudoku Pro 2

If you’re dubious about buying this application then there is also a free slimmed down version, which will give you a feel for how this app plays, which as you would expect comes with ads. If you find yourself using the app a fair bit then I would recommend paying that small fee for the pro version. Although it still has the main bulk of features that the free version has it comes with so many extra little perks that help to make Sudoku more fun than on pen and paper. The standard for solving a really hard Sudoku puzzle is to use a pencil and write in every possible number into the empty boxes; this often causes a lot of rubbing out and half of the newspaper to be destroyed. This application saves that hassle and allows you to write in the possible array of numbers for you to come back to and solve later. On top of this the application automatically gets rid of your notes as you solve numbers along that row or column. A choice of beautiful styles leaves you feeling aesthetically pleased and the graphics are superbly finished.

Developer – finger arts

Sudoku 2 Pro – £1.79 ($2.99) – iTunes


  • Low-cost
  • Incentive to become competitive
  • Hints for when you get baffled
  • Intelligently designed note input


  • None


Without a doubt I would recommend this app to anybody who enjoys Sudoku puzzles. A wonderful design that is simple and straight forward to use combined with a scoring system that keeps you on your toes.