Hipstamatic Montage

Montage of images produced by Hipstamatic iPhone app

When I saw this application in the app store I thought I had to give it a try. I did wonder whether the application would put style before functionality, which I have seen in applications before but this is not the case with Hipstamatic. I like to take snapshots on holidays and vacations but never really anything more. For that reason I feel that this app works for me. The application comes with enough variety that you can have a lot of fun adjusting the settings for various types of lenses, flash and film to produce an assortment of retro grade photography. These allow for changes in vignettes, blurring, over saturation, discoloured images and the image quality itself is fantastic. At the same time the application is simple and therefore works well for the casual photo snapper. If you start getting tired with the selection of camera parts supplied with the app then in-app purchases allows you to add to your collection. With such a large array of parts this application will definitely keep you occupied for a long time. I feel that this application also works well as an introduction into the fun that can be had with photography.

Hipstamatic has a wonderful balance of letting you enjoy the simple pleasures of using toy cameras, without the hassle of film development or using photo editing software like Photoshop to add some amazing effects. A lot of effort has gone in to the look of this application, with a stylish design to give the impression of an old school toy camera. 

I had a wonderful sunny day in the park recently and thought it was a prime time to test out this application. One of the main problems I had with this app was that the application was quite difficult to use in sunlight; because the application is built upon a dark background with dark buttons. I feel this is more of an issue with the iPhone display in bright sunlight than the Hipstamatic itself. The other issue is that the applications viewfinder doesn’t show the entirety of the photo that it is going to capture, which means that the exact photo layout is always a bit of a surprise. I wasn’t too bothered about this as I feel it fits with the theme of a toy camera. Apart from these minor issues I didn’t really find any fault with the app.


Hipstamatic iPhone app

The default is of reasonable resolution and quality, in addition Hipstamatic also attaches GPS location to images (much like the default iPhone camera) for use in apps such as iPhoto or on Flickr.

The Flickr group Hipstamatic has a large selection of some of the brilliant photos that people have taken using this app. The other thing I really like about this app is how easy it is to share your photos with people. Firstly you can text or email these pictures to friends and family. Then secondly, the application allows you to upload the photos straight to Flickr or Facebook. I really like the fact that you can take some fantastic snapshots and so simply share them amongst friends and family instantly. 

Developer – Synthetic Infatuation

Hipstamatic – £1.19 ($1.99) – iTunes

Rating: ★★★★★


  • Application is simple to use
  • Great picture quality
  • Wide variety of fun to be had
  • Easily share images with friends and family


  • Application is difficult to use in sunlight


The application is designed to replicate the fun and simplicity that comes with toy cameras. If you enjoy taking fun snapshots with friends and family or even just taking arty shots of inanimate objects then this app is for you.

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