On Monday the Wall Street Journal reported that next generation iPhone would debut this coming summer and that Apple “appears to be working on” a model compatible with carrier Verizon wireless.

The report was swiftly dismissed by influential blogger and notorious Apple rumour king John Gruber as “WSJ’s Lame Entry in the iPhone Rumors Game”. Gruber criticised the WSJ for offering no substance, going on to detail what would appear to be key details of the fourth-generation iPhone.

Gruber goes onto point out that the next iPhone will pack an A4-family CPU, a 960×640 “double-resolution” display, front facing camera and third party multi-tasking in iPhone OS 4.0.

In a separate report Engadget claims that the next iPhone will be named “iPhone HD” according to an anonymous tipster, the same tipster adding that the newest iPhone would be released on June 22.