Developer – LexWare Labs AB

Sleep Cycle – £0.59($0.99) – iTunes

Something I always look forward to after a long week is sleeping in at the weekend to catch up on all that sleep that I have missed. But like most I have to get up early in the week and I would like this to be done with the utmost care as I’m never happy about getting out of bed early. Thankfully Sleep Cycle has been developed for the iPhone to assist with that delicate start to the day.

When you go to bed the iPhone is put on charge and placed in the corner of your bed. the application then uses the iPhones sensitive accelerometer to monitor your movement through out the night to determine your sleep patterns and various sleep states.

So why is it useful to know this? Well the application uses this understanding so that it can work out the best possible time to wake you up. Set your alarm time as you usually would and place the iPhone in the corner of your bed. The application will then choose the best time within the half hour prior to your alarm time to wake you up.

Although this application chooses the best time to wake you up it is definitely not (as I have discovered myself) a substitute for a lack of sleep. You will still feel very tired and groggy when you wake from a lack of sleep and even the sweet melodies from this application won’t help you there.

Sleep Cycle for iPhone

Sleep Cycle for iPhone

Along with this it also gives you graphs of your sleep patterns for each night so you can browse through and get an insight to how well you sleep through the night. Along with this it calculates your average amount of sleep per night.

There are a couple of small attributes to this application that meant that I couldn’t give the application five stars. First of all there is the difficulty the application has if you don’t sleep alone. Secondly the application gives you details on your average amount of sleep per night. For me this is quite low because when I eventually get to sleep in at the weekends I don’t use the application as I don’t need to be woken up. Now I know that these are small things but I still thought they were worth considering.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • Cheap
  • Functions well
  • Consolatory alarm tones


  • Doesn’t work on multiple people


Overall I am very pleased with this application. For such a small price it was worth spending the money. It has opened my eyes (quite literally) and given me a little more understanding about the way I sleep at night. Along with this there are the beautiful panoply of soothing alarm jingles that make it a pleasure to wake up.