Description – Happening brings nearby events to your pocket. Powered by the Yahoo Upcoming service, you can browse nearby events, search to your heart’s content, view your friends events and explore listings from Upcoming.

Developer – Nik Fletcher

App version – 1.1

Happening – iTunes Store $1.99 (£1.19)

Happening for the iPhone is built solely to allow access to Yahoo’s Upcoming service. Upcoming which has been around since 2003 is a social networking events website, the most useful facility on the site is the ability to search for music concerts, art exhibitions, conferences and meetups near where you live.

Happening for iPhone

iPhone App: Happening

Happening offers advantages over the website by taking advantage of the built-in iPhone GPS to pinpoint your location and show you what events are nearby. Happening also allows for the searching of events, viewing of events that friends are interested in or attending and of course a calendar of your own events.

Since the first release of Happening the app has improved significantly, you can now RSVP events as attending or interested from within the app and everything feels generally smoother and less buggy.

For the function it is built for Happening can’t be faulted but the app however does require further improvements. For example when viewing an event the small map preview in the top left shows half the Google logo blocking most of the view and tapping on it doesn’t bring up a full map view as you’d expect. The ability to add people as friends from within the app would also be useful.

One of the best ways for me to find out about events is via the groups that I join, unfortunately Happening has no group implementations at all, removing one of easiest ways to view lists of relevant events.

The other problem lies less with the app and more with the service it links into. Despite its size and prominence in the events arena Upcoming is still too small outside of North America to be of great use. Naturally there are pockets of the UK that have activity such as London, Brighton, and Bath but outside of these areas it’s largely useless.

Rating: ★★★½☆


  • Makes finding events in local area simple
  • Easy browsing of events while on the go
  • Fast app with no crashes in my use


  • No group related features
  • Requires some minor UI improvements
  • No ability to add/remove friends


Happening for the iPhone is the perfect solution for finding events in your local area, unfortunately a series of missing features let the app down in the end. No doubt a superb app to have for events like SxSW and Macworld though.

Happening for iPhone

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