Apple this weekend offered developers a new build of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, build 10A354 comes not long after the previous build and shows sign of less adding of features and more tweaking and bug fixing.

Notable in the latest build is the addition of Chinese handwriting recognition on multi-touch capable Macs.

Seed notes can be seen below.

Installation Issues

  •  Installing on MacBook Air via a shared optical disk may result in errors depending on the available printers while installing. Customize the install and select all printer packages to workaround this.
  • After installing over the network via a shared optical disk, volumes other than the boot volume may not appear when you get to the desktop. They can be remounted using Disk Utility, or by rebooting.
  • Some users have reported errors during installation. Please report the issue and try again if you encounter this.

Changes Since the Last Seed

  • Chinese Handwriting recognition is available when the Chinese input method is enabled on multi-touch capable machines.
  • The Language & Text Preference Pane includes new support for bidirectional text & Chinese Handwriting.

Known Issues

  • Spaces and Exposé Dock icons may turn into question marks if you are upgrading on top of an older seed build. Drag the question marks out the Dock and drag the icons from /Applications/Utilities back to the Dock to workaround this.
  • Microsoft Word 2008 may experience crashes during regular use. Other Office 2008 apps should be unaffected.
  • The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ tabs in the dialog for resolving Address Book syncing conflicts don’t show the correct values until you double click on each one.
  • Spotlight will reindex all volumes after upgrading to this seed build.
  • Creating new files over an AFP connection may result in unexpected behaviors.
  • Applications which use CFFileDescriptor, such as Spotlight or Time Machine, may experience hangs or other unexpected behavior.