In my past piece on Psystar’s latest Court filing, I was once again highly critical of the grammatical sloppiness found therein. I went through Psystar’s Response to Apple’s Amended Complaint and noted multiple errors line by line. While this case is in stasis at the moment pending an upcoming January hearing on Psystar’s Motion for Leave to Amend and the holidays, I will continue to highlight similar deficiencies. I was quite surprised that after my initial criticisms Psystar’s attorneys did not immediately attempt to rectify these filings with the Court. Out of a regard for the same profession to which I belong, I did not immediately subject the filings to a closer critique. Since Psystar’s attorneys have not found it necessary to correct the incredibly sloppy work product filed with the Court in the intervening weeks and actually filed another deficient pleading, I feel quite free to engage in this amplified scrutiny.

My subject in this article is Psystar’s Notice of and Motion for Leave to Amend. Rather than outlining the numerous grammatical and spelling errors in list format, I took this opportunity to try a product by Smile on my Mac called PDF Pen and marked up this filing in living colour with red annotations describing the errors I found.

You may view this marked-up document here.

I did not have the funds to purchase PDF Pen at this time, so the demo version watermark will appear on the marked-up document. In this short exercise, I did enjoy the product and perhaps will have the pleasure of being able to review it for World of Apple in the future.

Any feedback on whether noting errors in this manner or in a line by line list is preferred would be greatly appreciated.