Just a few days ago Apple released a Software Update to Leopard build 9A499. Back when 9A499 was released we published an extensive gallery of screenshots, Apple took a dislike and pulled it down.

But due to popular request we’re going to answer just a few of the queries in the original post as well as post some screenshots from the newest build.

Build 9A500n of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is significantly more stable than its predecessor and is somewhat nippy. But inconstancies in GUI and bugs remain quite prevalent.

Lets take a look.

Due to popular request here is the dock position to the left of the screen
Screen sharing is still in iChat but nobody was in our contact list that it would work with
Stacks still have menu dialogs
You can set the default view for a Stack
Stacks can be sorted just like folders
Lets look at the new build
One of the biggest GUI changes in 9A500n is the Time Machine preference. The buttons are no longer aqua lozenges and the on/off switch replicates that of an iPhone GUI item
Some things have been moved around a bit in the Printers Preference panel
Software Update now downloads important updates in the background by default and prompts you to install them
After disappearing briefly in build 9A499, Arabesque returns in this build
VoiceOver Utility has recieved a lot of work
VoiceOver Utility
VoiceOver Utility has had a whole new look given to it
Universal Access is now accessible via the Menu bar