Howard Forums has an interesting post saying that Apple intends to solve many initial issues with the iPhone in the coming months prior to the release of Leopard.

The information is said to be sourced from a mobile interface designer who met for coffee with an Apple employee earlier today.

The first point the post makes is that Apple is building a file browser for the iPhone and will come in the form of a software update before Leopard’s release in October.

The post goes onto describe a few dozen new features that are currently being pined for by early iPhone adopters.

  • File browser, like the one in Leopard, complete with Cover Flow for files
  • Disk mode
  • Version of “iWork” to show Keynote presentations
  • “Spotlight like” search
  • Widescreen keyboard in all apps
  • Copy and paste function, along with select text
  • Ability to add accounts directly in (not through iTunes)
  • Leopard will include special integration with the iPhone, in particular file browsing
  • iChat coming “very, very soon”
  • “Real applications” coming shortly
  • Photo sharing, similar to that of iPhoto
  • .Mac syncing between iPhone and .Mac servers
  • File sharing through Bonjour over WiFi
  • Ringtones coming “very, very soon”
  • Camera software to include software based image stabilisation
  • Flash coming soon, just needs tweaking